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This Sustainability studio challenged students to investigate how to upcycle materials, that is, take a waste material and design it to be reused in a new and inventive way. We were required to choose a recyclable material and investigate its properties, how it might be used, and how to connect materials to each other. Through weeks of design and testing, each team created an original design found throughout the LSU UREC. Each piece tells a different story about each material, and each is uniquely sited to each space 


To do this, my project group utilized almost the entire water bottle, cutting it into sections. The unusable portions are discarded and recycled. Rolls of newspaper and bundled together and held in place by the plastic of the bottle. Changes in elevation are made by stacking two stalks and extruding the center rolls through the entire stalk. Disassembly is as simple as cutting the plastic and unrolling paper. 

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